Welcome back to the 5th Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit

This November, the microbiome nutrition community will unite once again online to overcome the key challenges in developing and commercializing microbiome-targeted nutritional interventions. Our all-inclusive program is the one-stop-shop for you to gather insights on the latest research, applied and clinical science, and brand position to shine a spotlight on the current and emerging commercial opportunity that this exciting market holds.

Key Sessions Not to Miss


Advancing the Next Generation of Microbiome-Targeted Nutritional Interventions to Transform Health
We explore the hottest research trends with those at the forefront of new product innovation to direct future research and development strategy with
Unilever, ADM, Fitbiomics and Morinaga Milk

Moving from Composition to Function
As a deeper understanding of microbiome function enables the development of more targeted nutritional interventions and as the industry strives for more rigorous scientific validation, it is important to showcase companies leading the way in evidence-based approaches, such as BCD Bioscience and Clasado Bioscience


Understanding the Regulatory Landscape to Optimize Product Development
With companies in an ever-evolving battle to understand the regulatory environment for dietary supplements, it’s important to stay on top of what structure and function claims you can make and be mindful of regulation within your marketing. Lallemand will leverage their experiences to provide a comprehensive regulatory overview to ensure you maximize your innovation without overstepping the mark

Benchmarking Best Approaches to Clinical Trial Design & Execution
Consumers now demand clinically validated nutritional products, therefore, being able to design and execute a successful clinical trial is now paramount for a company’s commercial success. Atlantia Clinical Trials and FriesLandCampina will discuss their tips for successful clinical trial implementation and present never before seen clinical data

Determining How to Build a Strong Brand & Strong Positioning
We will provide you with the need-to-know insights on how to position your company for improved commercial success through leveraging successful case-studies from Fitbiomics, Postbiotics Plus, Danone North America and Uplift Food

Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition & Therapeutics – Exploring Food vs. Pharma
As the commercial opportunity of medical foods becomes apparent, we will be uniting companies pushing the boundaries of food and pharma to present their latest clinical work and how they are navigating this novel approach, whilst also discussing the key regulatory and commercial challenges that still need to be overcome for widespread success with Pendulum Therapeutics, ImmuneBiotech, TargEDys SA, Solarea Bio and Caelus Health

What Our Customers Say

“The impact of the gut microbiome on human health is far reaching, from benefits to our digestive and immune system to playing a key role as the core of our mindbody connection, which is why this meeting and these conversations are critical to better understand this unique ecosystem and why it’s so important”

Miguel Freitas, Danone North America

“The future of the microbiome is so bright and this is a good venue to advance that broadly, and more specifically prebiotic research”

Len Monheit, Global Prebiotic Association