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The Microbiome Movement community are continuously looking for partners with innovative services that can assist companies within the human microbiome nutrition R&D, including microbial sequencing, metabolomic analyses, in vitro, in-vivo, ex-vivo gut models, as well as manufacturing and formulation strategies.

If you have relevant capabilities in the microbiome space and would like to align your brand with this market, partner with us to promote your services through a bespoke commercial package.

If you would be interested in joining us a 2024 partner, please get in touch with where we can discuss our bespoke partnership options.

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Since 2016, the Microbiome Movement has continued to establish itself as the definitive platform for translational microbiome researchers, tailored to your industry. For each industry where the microbiome will have a real impact, we're building an exclusive community for you to maximize this opportunity.

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