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ResBiotic is a team of scientists, physicians, and innovators pioneering microbiome-based nutritional products for lung health. Founded in 2020 by Dr. C Vivek Lal MD FAAP, the company is rooted in over a decade of research at the intersection of human microbiome science and respiratory health. They partner with leading research organizations to develop and test proprietary probiotic strains to support lung health independently, as a blend, and in combination with bioactive botanicals. Their first product, resB® Lung Support, is a dietary supplement that targets the gut-lung axis to support lung health.

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Archer Daniels Midland Company

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At a time when more people are looking for proactive and personalized approaches to manage their nutrition and health, ADM offers an ever-expanding range of specialized and purposeful ingredients to help meet changing needs—including next-generation microbiome and biotechnology-based synergistic products, systems and support for better living.


Morinaga Milk

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Morinaga Milk is one of the largest dairy product companies in Japan that excels in innovative technology and offers various dairy products and beneficial functional ingredients to customers around the world. Morinaga Milk is also a key global probiotics manufacturer that offers a premium line of Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) probiotic ingredients and a paraprobiotic strain. Since the 1960s, Morinaga Milk has been conducting original research to contribute to healthy, fruitful lives for all people.

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Atlantia Clinical Trials

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Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd is world class in delivering ICH-GCP standard clinical studies for functional foods & beverages, nutraceuticals, medical foods and dietary supplements. We have extensive clinical expertise in the areas of digestive health, (including camera endoscopy), mental (stress, cognition), cardiovascular (FMD), joint, immunity, sports performance, ageing, weight management, skin and nutrient uptake. We own our clinics where we conduct our acute, observational and intervention studies. Our subject database is now more than 13,000 with pre-disease markers.



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Microba is a global microbiome company including a precision microbiome analysis service division leveraging superior sampling method, high-throughput sequencing, best-in-class profiler and the most comprehensive genome reference database.

Combined with advanced analytics, AI expertise and biological knowledge, Microba offers end-to-end research support with robust microbiome analysis and data interpretation, enabling product discoveries and exploratory microbiome monitoring.

Using its platform, Microba’s ongoing population study also provides the largest catalogue of metagenomes and associated lifestyle metadata for data mining and discovery.

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Comet Bio

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Comet Bio is an award-winning food technology company based in London, Ontario and Schaumburg, Illinois. The company makes unique, healthy and sustainable ingredients using its patented upcycling technology. Its Arrabina Arabinoxylan Plant Fiber Extract is a premium prebiotic dietary fiber with clinically prove benefits, superior tolerability and functionality.