November 2019


Pre-Conference Commercialization Day Translating Microbiome Science Into Branded Products


As organizations look to effectively differentiate their product to consumers, the role of marketing and sales strategy becomes a vital part of the success of any new product that aims to target the gut microbiome within the food & nutrition industry. The purpose of this day will be to provide an interactive and collaborative forum to help you learn the greatest  challenges and opportunities when marketing new functional foods, pre- and probiotics and other nutritional interventions whilst learning how to establish a more reputable brand that demonstrate clear benefits for consumers.

Stage 1

Establishing a Unique Brand for Product Differentiation

Stage 2

How to Effectively Sell & Distribute Your Product

Areas of discussion will include:

  • Packaging/labelling
  • Developing scientifically backed but consumer friendly marketing message – Why are we different from everyone out there?
  • Finding your customer targets/understanding your customer segment mind-sets
  • Looking at the importance of bi-directional communication between marketing and R&D teams within the business
  • How will we communicate this brand to the community (printing, social media, TV etc.)?
  • Understanding market competition and standing out
  • Broader awareness/PR strategies
  • Public awareness/ education
Areas of discussion will include:

  • Which sales channel strategy will you choose? Medical/ Health Practioners? Consumer? Natural remedies?
  • How to help consumers navigate conflicting information in a crowded marketplace?
  • How can I make my product a mainstream brand in a congested market?
    09.00 Registration and Morning Coffee
  Alan Murray
10.00 Developing Probiotics and Communication with the Consumer, from Clinical to Quirky
  Noah Voreades
GenBiome Consulting
10.30 Leveraging Scientific Information for Product Differentiation
11.00 Panel Discussion
12.00 Break
13.00 Formulating for Disruption and a Rich Brand Platform in the Microbiome and Digestive Health Space
Biome Body
13.30 Where Science Meets the Consumer – Understanding Consumer Needs to Build Better Brands
  Susan Mitmesser
Vice President, Science & Technology
14.30 Engaging Physicians in the Wellness Model
Body + Eden
15.30 Final Discussion  & Close of Pre-Conference Commercialization Day