Pre-Conference Consumer Education & Product Differentiation Focus Day

Monday, November 8 | All times below shown in EST*

9:20 am Chair Person’s Opening Remarks

Analyzing How to Effectively Engage the Consumer Through Language & Messaging

9:25 am Leaning into GMOs & the Benefits They Create As a Brand Differentiator


• Technology is justified by the benefits it creates
• Concrete and unique benefits create needed differentiation
• Transparency and explaining the “why” and “how” our use of genetic engineering has made it largely a non-issue for our customers, if not a benefit itself

9:50 am Roundtable: Leveraging Digestible Language & Terminology Advance Commercial Success


• Progressing microbiome nutrition through an industry wide approach
• Overcoming barriers to entry for microbiome product development
• Ensuring the industry is equal in its education

10:30 am | Networking Break


Re-creating face-to-face networking in the virtual world, here you will connect with a peer for a five-minute conversation before moving on and connecting with another microbiome enthusiast in this high-pace format

Determining How to Build a Strong Brand & Strong Positioning

11:00 am Balancing Brand Led & Growth Strategies in a Changing Marketplace Landscape


• Identifying the power of brand building and community to drive consumer loyalty and engagement
• How to strategically prioritize growth levers based on your brand positioning – from acquisition to retention
• Navigating an ever-changing digital marketplace, with privacy constraints and limitations in supplement marketing

11:20 am Branding: Developing Trust & Delivering on a Promise


• Who is your consumer and what is your promise?
• How do you stand out?
• Outlining your customers journey and aligning that with your business and distribution model?

11:40 am Live Q&A: How Do You Market Nutritional Microbiome Products?

12:00 pm Panel Discussion – Leveraging Science Over Marketing as a Key Brand Differentiator


• What needs to be done to keep marketing focused around the scientific benefits, rather than purely from marketing tactics?
• How can this help build consumer trust in the industry?
• How do you strike the balance communicating the scientific benefits, without over-complicating things for the consumer?

1:00 pm | Lunch Break


Use this opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat, grab a coffee before re-joining us for the afternoon session

Moving With the Market – Understanding Consumer Trends to Ensure Future Commercial Success

2:00 pm Bringing Emerging Science to Life – Bayer’s Approach to the Microbiome Market


• Outlining Bayer’s approach to understanding and consumerising emerging microbiome science
• Explaining how this is brought to mass scale using partnerships and Bayer’s brands and global network

2:20 pm Outlining Current Consumer Perceptions of Prebiotics

  • Len Monheit Executive Director, Global Prebiotic Association


• Learn about effective prebiotic product formats
• Learn about effective positioning and messaging
• Learn about mistakes to avoid

2:40 pm Microbiome Modulators & Mechanisms That Can Reduce the Burden to Immune System & Enhance Immune Agility

  • Nalin Siriwardhana Senior Associate Director, Global & US Medical Category, Allergy & Cough Cold, Bayer Consumer Health


• The complexity of the role of microbiome in immune health presents insights for new product concepts and innovations
• Microbiome can play a truly multifunctional role in immune health. The role of microbiome modulating ingredients (pre, pro, post-biotics) in reducing the burden of immune system and the    immune agility can generate innovative product concepts

3:00 pm Live Q&A: How Can You Take Advantage of Market Trends & Insights?

3:30 pm | Afternoon Refreshment Break

4:00 pm Panel Discussion – In What Ways Will the Market Continue to Evolve Post-COVID?

  • Nalin Siriwardhana Senior Associate Director, Global & US Medical Category, Allergy & Cough Cold, Bayer Consumer Health
  • Len Monheit Executive Director, Global Prebiotic Association


• COVID has offered a great commercial opportunity for the supplement industry, but what is next for microbiome targeted products?
• Looking beyond immune and gut health, what is the market opportunity for innovative and wider health products?

4:30 pm | End of Pre-Conference Focus Day