Day Two

All times below shown in EST*

8:20 am Chair Person’s Opening Remarks

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape to Optimize Product Development

8:30 am Outlining the Regulatory Environment for Microbiome Nutritional Interventions


• What structure/function claims can you make, and how do you make those claims?
• Staying mindful of regulation during your marketing
• How do you work with the regulators and effectively navigate the regulatory landscape?

Benchmarking Best Approaches to Clinical Trial Design & Execution

9:00 am 5 Tips for Successful Clinical Trial Implementation


• Outlining best approaches to design and execute clinical trials within the nutrition and microbiome space
• What are the important components of the clinical trials process for trials in the microbiome space?

9:30 am The Anxiety Lowering Effects of Galacto-Olgosaccharides


• Understanding how galacto-oligosacharrides modulate the microbiome
• Showcasing clinical data on their effect on the gut-brain axis and anxiety lowering effects

10:00 am Talk Details to be Confirmed


10:10 am | Networking


Re-creating face-to-face networking in the virtual world, here you will connect with a peer for a five-minute conversation before moving on and connecting with another microbiome enthusiast in this high-pace format

10:30 am | Refreshment Break


A chance to grab a quick coffee and stretch your legs before the next session starts

Morning Ingredient Deep Dive Roundtable Discussions

10:40 am | Morning Ingredient Deep Dive Roundtable Discussions

Advancing Prebiotic

This session is an opportunity to unite individuals working on
prebiotic research to learn about emerging prebiotic research and ingredients, identify gaps in current science and in the market, and help create an industry standard of what a prebiotic is.

Matthew Amicucci,
Co-Founder & Principal Scientist, BCD Bioscience

Advancing Probiotic

This session will address the key limitations of probiotics currently on the market, identify approaches to developing precision probiotics and discuss how the probiotic industry can regain consumer trust.

Roundtable Leader To Be Confirmed

Advancing Postbiotic

As the definition of what a postbiotic is becomes clear this session will explore whether this definition is fit for purpose, focus on best approaches to educating the consumer on what postbiotics are, and highlight the market opportunity ahead.

Aubrey Levitt, Co-Founder
Postbiotics Plus

Jonas Schluter, Co-Founder
Postbiotics Plus

Advancing Synbiotic

Synbiotics are growing in consumer popularity as they can overcome some of the limitations that using individual ingredients in isolation can have, this session will explore the current science, market trends and future product development opportunity.

Points to be discussed:

  • Why synbiotics?
  • Differentiating complementary vs. synergistic synbiotics
  • Outlining market performance and consumer thoughts on synbiotics

Zac Lewis, CSO, Synbiotic Health

11:20 am | Mid-Morning Refreshment Break

Personalized Nutrition – The Future of Nutrition?

11:30 am The Value of Precision Nutrition: How Microbiome Science & AI Impacts Metabolic Diseases


• Outlining the science behind precision nutrition
• How AI-based food prescriptions meet people “where they are”
• Real world case study: employer program

12:00 pm Turning Microbiome Data Into the Next Generation of Microbiome Nutrition Products


• Utilizing AI modelling, we are mining our data to identify differences between the microbiomes of specific cohorts and healthy guts
• Based on those differences we are formulating targeted probiotics to address those issues and optimize the microbiome of said cohorts
• Our first condition we are focusing on is autism, which I will walk through

12:30 pm From Benchtop to the Kitchen: Conducting Microbiome Research on Dietary Fibers to Design Novel Functional Foods


• Different individuals have different abilities to ferment dietary fibers based on their microbiome composition
• In order to assess the impact of fermentation metabolites on health, we need high quality surrogate biomarkers
• We conducted a pilot clinical trial to identify biomarkers responsive to targeted dietary fiber supplementation

1:00 pm | Networking Lunch


Use this break in proceedings to grab some food and re-charge your batteries before the afternoon session begins

Developing Foods As a Whole Food Source of Prebiotics

2:00 pm Utilizing New & Novel Wheat Varieties to Commercialize Whole Food Sources of Prebiotics

  • Katie Harris Product Development & Nutrition Scientist, Bay State Milling


• Outlining the benefits of high amylose wheat
• Discussing the potential of resistant starch
• Explaining the regulatory challenges of developing prebiotic foods vs. supplements

Diversifying Product Portfolio Through Improved Stability

2:30 pm Functional Beverage Product Design & Positioning – Technical Considerations & Challenges


• Case Study 1 – Disruptive Innovation – Prebiotic Kombucha
• Case Study 2 – Incremental Innovation – Probiotic in a Tea Bag
• Case Study 3 – Forward looking concepts – Prebiotic Plus, Postbiotics

The Next Frontier of Product Development – Highlighting Future Areas For Product Innovation

3:00 pm Probiotic Based Nutritional Therapy for Lung Diseases

  • Vivek Lal Founder & President, ReBiotic Inc.


• Chronic lung disease, inflammation and role of microbiome
• Gut-lung axis and nutrition in lung diseases
• Probiotic based nutritional therapies for chronic lung diseases

3:30 pm Postbiotic Metabolites: The New Frontier In Microbiome Science


• Defining postbiotic metabolites
• Health benefits of postbiotic metabolites
• The importance of dietary fiber

4:00 pm | End of Day Two