Conference Day Two

Overcoming Product Development Roadblocks Ahead of Commercialization

8:25 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

8:30 am Panel Discussion: Overcoming Novel Ingredient Development Challenges to Create More Targeted Nutritional Products


  • Outlining the current challenges in developing ingredients and products which target the gut microbiome
  • Understanding what steps the industry need to take to overcome such obstacles

9:00 am Mapping the Microbiome’s Link to Nutrition


  • One of the principal modifiers of the composition of our microbiome is the food we eat, but we largely do not understand these interactions
  • Leveraging a component of Holobiome’s screening platform to map how our food and its ingredients interface with human bacteria
  • Exploring how this knowledge can be leveraged to improve food, develop prebiotics, and support probiotics and live biotherapeutic development

9:30 am The Benefits, Strategy & Challenges of Using Genetic Engineering for Product Development

  • Zack Abbott Founder, Chief Executive Officer, ZBiotics


  • Outlining genetic engineering as a great way of making differentiated, patentable products with targeted, real, and easily communicable benefits for the consumer
  • Exploring the tool of genetic engineering and its potential future impact of the probiotics industry
  • Discussing strategies for addressing and overcoming unique technical, regulatory, and consumer challenges associated with genetically engineered probiotics

10:00 am Morning Break

Navigating Formulation & Delivery Considerations to Produce an Effective & Efficient Product

11:00 am Leveraging the Benefits of Dietary Fibre for Cost Effective Treatment & Prevention in Type-2 Diabetes


  • Discussing how Myota has leveraged the two main mechanisms of action, namely post-prandial glycaemic response regulation and Short Chain Fatty Acid production by the gut microbiome, to develop precision fibre blends aimed at treating and prevent Type-2 Diabetes
  • Outlining the clinical trials currently underway for testing these blends in diabetic populations

11:30 am Exploring Fermented Foods as Microbiome Modulating Nutritional: Impacts on the Gut Microbiome & Metabolome


  • The world is awakening to the likely advantages of consuming microbes and their metabolites
  • Outlining that while fermented foods are not technically probiotics, that is not to say they are not beneficial
  • Exploring part of our research that is interested in microbial therapeutics for various diseases and we believe one potentially under-explored area for this is fermented foods

12:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Exploring the Complex Regulatory Landscape: Leverage Your Early Research to Support Product Claims

1:00 pm Understanding What Regulators Want from Your Clinical Trial to Substantiate New Claims: A Case Study


  • Exploring the hurdles that still exist in evaluating the health benefits of a product
  • The global health authorities have not provided detailed instructions of on how to evaluate the develop clinical trials and evaluate the totality of evidence for claim substantiation
  • Discussing the essential elements that should be embraced by clinical trials to make it eligible and desirable for and considerations for the totality of evidence for claim substantiation

1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Exploring Safety Standards for Novel Products: Novel Probiotics & Food Product


  • Discussing what steps need to be take to reach a unified framework
  • Exploring how the industry can work together to reach stronger health claims

2:00 pm Roundtables: Discussing Regulatory Questions and Outlining Current Regulatory Roadmaps


Have your say on the ever evolving regulatory landscape by taking part in this interactive roundtable discussion session

2:30 pm Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

Outlining Ingredient & Manufacturing Considerations – Producing High Quality Products

3:00 pm Probiotics Derived from Human Breast Milk: Health Impact in Early Life


  • Uncovering probiotic strains isolated from human breast milk
  • Reviewing the beneficial effects of these probiotics in neonates
  • Revealing new clinical data in preterm infants

3:30 pm Developing Synbiotics for Health Benefits: Challenges & Opportunities


  • Discussing synbiotic development using a rational approach
  • Exploring the potential for synbiotic based approaches for health benefits
  • Considerations for synbiotic product formulation and manufacturing 

4:00 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

4:10 pm End of Conference Day Two