Day One

All times below shown in EST*

8:50 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Advancing the Next Generation of Microbiome-Targeted Nutritional Interventions to Transform Health

9:00 am The Impact of Lifestyle & Life Stages on the Gut Microbiota


• Exploring how the gut microbiota can be an enabler for consumer benefit areas
• Unlocking how nutrition can impact the gut microbiota

9:30 am ADM’s Clinically Documented Probiotic Formula for Migraines


• Exploring the role of the GI microbiome in the pathophysiology of migraine
• Examining ADM’s innovative clinical research in this field

10:00 am Mining Athelete Microbiomes for Next Generation Probiotics


• Learn how next-generation sequencing can identify novel probiotic species and strains
• Learn how athletes’ have distinct microbial communities that are dynamic during performance and recovery phases

10:30 am Implications of Gut Microbiota for Human Health & Probiotics That Work


• Exploring the role of Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) as an important component of the gut microbiota
• Understanding the reason why HRB supplementation is essential and the implications for human health
• Highlighting the key clinical effects of specific probiotic strains on human health across the lifespan

11:00 am | Networking


Re-creating face-to-face networking in the virtual world, here you will connect with a peer for a five-minute conversation before moving on and connecting with another microbiome enthusiast in this high-pace format

11:30 am | Refreshment Break


A chance to grab a quick coffee and stretch your legs before the next session starts

Moving from Composition to Function – Data-Driven Approaches to Develop More Targeted Nutritional Products

12:00 pm Prebiotic Structure-Function & Their Impact on Microbial Metabolism


• Carbohydrate structure dictates microbial metabolic products
• Short chain fatty acid profiles can vary drastically when structurally diverse carbohydrates are employed
• Metabolic modulation by way of prebiotics enables alternative formulation opportunities compared to live microbes

12:30 pm Prebiotics: From Structure & Composition to Function & Effects in Health & Disease


• The role of the gut microbiota in human health and disease and how this can be influenced
• Structural and functional similarities and differences of prebiotics and how this translates into new evidence-base and benefits for health and disease
• New approaches in microbiome modulation building on the prebiotic science-based

1:00 pm | Networking Lunch


Use this break in proceedings to grab some food and re-charge your batteries before the afternoon session begins

Bridging the Gap Between Nutrition & Therapeutics – Exploring Food vs. Pharma

2:00 pm The Development of a Medical Food for Diabetes


• Continued growing evidence for microbiome interventions in diabetes
• Challenges of consumer market
• Opportunities in consumer market

2:30 pm ImmuneBiotics For the Management of Neurological Conditions – New Clinical Evidence


• ImmuneBiotics, a new generation of probiotic products designed to boost the immunotherapy treatments
• Translational success of GutMagnific – a multi-targeted therapeutic microbial consortium – from the lab to the clinic and to
the commercial market
• Clinical evaluation of GutMagnific in Swedish patients with post-viral fatigue – a condition considered as a long-term effect of COVID-19

3:00 pm | Networking Break

3:20 pm Lactobacillus Plantarum WJL, a Precibiomic™ Strain Promoting Host Growth by Enhancing Amino Acids Absorption


• Introducing a new PrecibiomicTM strain
• Describing the mechanism of action resulting in
• Promoting amino acids absorption and growth factors
• Presenting the preclinical studies on juvenile rodent growth

3:50 pm The Edible Plant Microbiota & Its Potential In Human Health


• Fruits and vegetables carry edible microbiota
• Selected strains can provide health benefits
• Unlocking a vast reservoir for new probiotics

4:20 pm Panel Discussion – Food or Pharma: Exploring the Challenges & Opportunities for This Emerging Market


• What can medical foods change the paradigm of healthcare?
• What are currently the biggest bottlenecks in developing these products?
• How much of a challenge is securing investment and reimbursement?

5:00 pm | End of Day One