Day One

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8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Uncovering New Technologies to Expand Undruggable Targets

9:00 am New Approaches to Degradation – Beyond the Usual Suspects

  • Hannah Ackermann Registered Dietician & Corporate Communications Manager, Comet Bio


  • Amphista Therapeutics uses a completely novel range of mechanisms to degrade a wide range of disease-relevant proteins
  • Mechanisms go beyond the usual E3 ligases utilized by most in the field and instead use other UPS proteins which offer new opportunities to expand the scope and utility of TPD strategies
  • We will discuss how novel mechanisms have the potential to overcome current limitations with TPD strategies

Advancing Discovery & Development

Optimising Pre-Clinical Validation & Translation

12:00 pm lunch

12:30 pm Challenges & Lessons-Learned of Degrader Lead Identification


  • Details to be revealed