The Must Attend Conference Series for Microbiome Researchers in Industry

Since 2016, the Microbiome Movement has continued to establish itself as the definitive platform for translational microbiome researchers, tailored to your industry. For each industry where the microbiome will have a real impact, we're building an exclusive community for you to maximize this opportunity. 

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Microbiome Movement Series Prospectus

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“I took away more ideas and connections from this meeting than I could have hoped for, and was able to learn about new innovative practices from industry leaders who actually utilize them."

Charlie Frahm, Agronomist, Blue Prairie Brands

“This is the best place to get a good overview of the fast-moving science and the emerging companies enabled by these advances.”

Mark Connell, Founder & CEO, nuBound

“The Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit was spot on in terms of bringing the right mix of people together with the right mix of topics”

Dale Pfost, CEO, Microbiome Therapeutics