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Harness the Power of the Human Microbiome to Develop Scientifically-Validated Solution That Promote Human Health & Reduce Disease Risk

As recent scientific and clinical breakthroughs have established associations between microbiome dysbiosis and various health conditions, there is an increasing abundance of research focused on modulating the microbiome through nutritional approaches. However, there is still a number of unique challenges that need to be addressed to further product development.

Therefore, the 4th Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit returns to build on its previous successes to provide the solutions to the functional, clinical and practical applicability challenges of microbiome-targeted research within the consumer health industry.

Across 3 days with 30+ speakers, this year’s discussion will again focus around three key topic areas to help you:

  • Strengthen structure/function claims by understanding the complex relationship between nutritional ingredients, microbiome modulation and host response
  • Improve the translation and scale-up of your research into meaningful nutritional products that effectively target and modulate the human microbiome
  • Differentiate your brand by learning how to effectively educate your target market, build strong brand awareness and understand consumer insights during our Pre-Conference Consumer Education & Product Differentiation focus day

What Our Customers Say - Highlights From 2019

“This event brought together companies that have never shared the stage together before. This created visibility to companies advancing microbiome science into real products and services and established the Microbiome Movement as a place to present innovation.”

Sun Genomics

“The Microbiome Movement - Human Nutrition Summit is THE forum for information exchange among leaders working to advance science and technology applied to gut interactions impacting human health.”

Brigham Young University

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